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Flow measurement with SAW technology


Benefits for you

  • FLOWave does not have any parts in the measuring tube and thus has
    • no pressure drop
    • no leakage problems
    • no dead spaces
    • no replacement parts
  • Measurement is independent of flow direction and does not require conductivity of the medium
  • The technology can be used as a multi-parameter measuring device
  • Low weight, small dimensions and minimal energy requirements reduce the installation effort and enable compact   systems and cost savings 

"Who´s to say that there has to be sensor elements in the measuring tube of a flowmeter?"

Using the patented SAW technology our new FLOWave flowmeters need no sensor elements in the measuring tube. So they provide reliable results even in challenging hygienic applications.



EDIP - Efficient Device Integration Platform - is the electronic platform of the new Bürkert product generation with a common user interface and digital communication, which not only makes it significantly easier for product users to use the devices, but also simplifies integration into a system. The new flowmeter FLOWave and the Online Analysis System are just two initial devices from an entire series of upcoming device innovations which are based on EDIP

Specific processes are controlled based on flow rate measurements for the production of pharmaceutical agents and in all clean utilities applications. This is where FLOWave is superior to conventional flow rate measuring devices and technologies:

  • The devices meet the highest hygiene standards and are durable and resistant to disruptive influences such as vibrations and magnetic fields.
  • The lightweight and energy-saving devices can be operated in any installation situation and aid in the qualification and validation of production, cleaning, and sterilisation processes.
  • By eliminating expensive maintenance work, FLOWave is able to reduce operating costs even further.

Medidor de fluxo FLOWave SAW

Medidor de fluxo FLOWave SAW

Tipo 8098

  • Sem quaisquer peças no tubo de medição
  • Em conformidade com os requisitos de higiene, CIP/SIP
  • Ideal para líquidos com condutividade baixa ou inexistente
  • Comunicação digital
  • Compacto, leve e consumo energético reduzido

Bürkert presents cutting-edge technology with many benefits

All flow metering systems, which are currently available, have their specific weaknesses, limiting their range of applications. Consequently, Bürkert raised the question of what a perfect flowmeter for liquids should look like. Bürkert's new device called FLOWave comes very close to the answer. The new technology based on SAW (Surface Acoustic Waves), which makes this possible, will be first introduced at Hannover trade show from April 7th to 11th.


Formulário de contato - Distribuição

Bürkert Contromatic Brasil Ltda.
Rua Américo Brasiliense, 2069 - Chácara Santo Antônio
São Paulo/SP - CEP: 04715-005 - Brasil

Tel: +55 (11) 2186-1155
Fax: +55 (11) 2186-1165

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