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We make ideas flow.
We make ideas flow.

    Tipo 8713 - Mass Flow Controller for Gases (MFC)

    Produkt-Foto Typ 8713

    The depiction of the products may differ from the actual specific design.

    • Produkt-Foto Typ 8713
    • Produkt-Foto Typ 8713
    • Produkt-Foto Typ 8713

    Descrição do tipo

    The mass flow controller (MFC) type 8713 is suited for regulating the mass flow of gases over a big flow range. The thermal MEMS sensor is located directly in the gas stream and therefore reaches very fast response times. A direct-acting proportional valve from Bürkert guarantees a high sensitivity. The integrated PI controller ensures outstanding control characteristics of the MFC. Type 8713 can optionally be calibrated for two different gases; the user can switch between these two gases. The communication with master devices is fully digital, therefore no further analog/digital conversions are needed. The mass flow controller type 8713 fits for various applications, like e.g. burner controls, heat treatment, material coatings, bio reactors, fuel cell technology or test benches.

    • Nominal flow ranges from 0.010 lN/min to 80 lN/min
    • High accuracy and repeatability
    • Very fast settling times
    • Digital communication via RS485
    • Compact version

    For selecting the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use according to the data sheet.


    Folha de dados

    Idioma / País
    DTS MFC, Bypass Semicon 1,4 MB EN / EU
    DTS MFC, Bypass Semicon 1,3 MB DE / DE

    Manual de instruções

    Idioma / País
    MAN Digital communication RS 1,5 MB EN / EU
    MAN MA 8700-01-03-05-10-11-13-15 1,6 MB EN / EU
    MAN BA 8700-01-03-05-10-11-13-15 1,6 MB DE / EU
    MAN Communication numérique RS 1,9 MB FR / FR
    MAN Digitale Kommunikation RS 1,9 MB DE / DE
    MAN MA 8700-01-03-05-10-11-13-15 1,6 MB FR / EU


    Idioma / País
    SOW MFC_Driver_DLL (A.16) A.16 6,4 MB ML
    SOW MassFlowCommunicator A.28 28,5 MB ML
    SOW USB-Driver WIN 7, XP (32, x64) A.05 2,6 MB ML

    Animação interativa

    Idioma / País
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 8713 1,7 MB DE
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 8713 1,7 MB EN